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Below are actual client testimonials for home inspections we performed in the Charlotte, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and surrounding areas. Most of the client reviews below were taken from reviews we received at Angie's List.

Joe Funderburk at Alpha and Omega Home Inspections provided new home inspection services for us at the pre-drywall and final inspection stages.

Let me begin by saying that I have absolutely no prior relationship/experience with Joe Funderburk -- We found him on Angie's List when we bought our not-yet-built spec home. He did our pre-drywall and final inspections. Joe is the consummate professional. He is exceptionally knowledgeable, well qualified and takes his work very seriously. He takes the time to clearly explain the issues he finds and put them in context for you. His reports are prompt, thorough and well documented with photos and references to building codes/regs/norms. My wife and I (both former practicing lawyers) firmly believe that one of the reasons we've had relatively few problems with our new home is because the building project manager took us more seriously because of Joe. Our very experienced real estate agent was impressed enough to ask for Joe's contact information at the closing. Yes, I know this sounds like an advertisement -- its' not -- the other 5 star reviews are accurate. On top of all that, Joe's a nice guy to deal with. Hire him.

Jim H. (Angie's List review, February, 2016)

I wanted to once more thank you for inspecting my home today. The cosmetic insights you requested I have checked were also much appreciated. I previously read that new homes don't need to be inspected as long as they are up to code. Based on what you found and reported on, I'm glad I went with my gut in hiring a professional home inspector. 

Thank you and I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family based on my experience today!

Fergus H, new home buyer (October, 2015)

A full home inspection was performed.  He checked the exterior of the home ,all outlets, fuse boxes, faucets, appliances, HVAC system, siding, roof, water temp, boiler deck and floors.
My Wife found this company here on Angie's List.  He was the second most recommended home inspector on the site, and judging by his performance number one must pay the customer for the business Joe was AWESOME.  From the my first interaction with him until we left the home he was clear, set proper expectations and answered all my questions.  Upon arrival at the home Joe laid out the inspection process went through the process with us step by step; explaining exactly what he would be providing. 

We started outside and as he found siding cracks loose post he gave me tips on how he would repair them and also relayed that its not extremely difficult to repair.  I'm not one to lack confidence in anything except home repairs and those explanations were empowering to say the least.  I got a bit of home repair phobia therapy thrown in with my inspection!!!  The process took about 3 1/2 hours and he found everything that could have possibly been wrong with the home.  I appreciated his attention to detail and would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone.  He is now my Home Inspection guy.

Mr. & Mrs. Coakley, client (June, 2012)

Mr. Funderburk was very thorough, knowledgeable, courteous and professional. He explained in detail the entire home inspection process on the phone prior to setting up the appointment as well as taking time during the home inspection to explain to me any defects he thought would require further follow up. He was even able to reschedule at very short notice when the sellers needed more time to make sure the electricity and gas would be on for the inspection.  The inspection report itself came back in a timely manner. I was able to access the inspection report online via email link and password and included in the report were pictures and written explanations of suggested repairs. He also recommended local businesses that would be able to assist me in future repairs. I was very pleased with his service!!!

Ms. Moore, client (June, 2012)

Joe did an home inspection and termite inspection for us. Joe was very professional and detailed in his overall inspection. I felt so comfortable and at ease choosing the best home inspector to inspect my new home I'm about to purchase. Joe was very genuine and kind to me and my husband. Joe quoted a reasonable price for my home inspection and termite inspection. You can't beat a excellent well trained professional at an excellent price. If my friends ever need a home inspector I would recommend Joe in a heartbeat. Joe was simple wonderful and excellent I couldn't asked for a better home inspector. Thanks Joe!
Joe toke us step by step throughout his whole home inspection and pointed out exactly what was good about the home and what needed a little repair. But overall Joe professionalism and intelligence was outstanding. He was so detailed that it put my mind at ease and I know I've found the right inspector to inspect my new home. My husband and I are so happy to have had Joe inspect our home. Well recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone who needs an professional home inspector Joe's your guy. :)

Mr. & Ms. Targaglia, client (June, 2012)

Joe performed a very thorough Home Inspection both interior and exterior, including crawl space and attic; and including inspection of the foundation, plumbing, HVAC, Electrical and all that encompasses. We couldn't be happier with Joe and his work!  We will definitely use him again.

Joe took the time to explain the process before he got to work and kept us up to speed as he went along on items he found, that would be in the report, but that he felt needed mention while he was here. He  was incredibly thorough during the 5 hour inspection and found a couple of things that we absolutely needed to know about.  Our overall experience with Joe and his work was our Best Experience with a service provider during our 17 years living in Charlotte.  I would recommended him to anyone. 

Thank you, Joe!

Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell, client (April, 2012)

We hired Joe to inspect a house that we are closing on in early April.  Joe conducted the home inspection and a radon test.  He also arranged for the wood destroying pest inspection. Joe is an excellent home inspector. 

I, of course, hired him because of his excellent reviews here on Angie's List.  I saw the one negative review and knew it was an anomaly, because the other reviews were so good.  Joe showed up on time and got right to work.  I followed him throughout the entire inspection.  He was very thorough and detailed.  Not only did he explain everything he was doing as he was doing it, and pointed out any problems he saw, but he also explained the limitation of his inspection. 

His reports was delivered very quickly.  In addition to a detailed report (one that is worth keeping for the duration you own the property) he also provides an "executive summary", that has been tremendously helpful to refer to during the negotiation process.

I would absolutely hire Joe again and recommend him to friends and family.

C. Teodorski, client (March, 2012)

Mr. Funderburk performed a complete a thorough inspection on a home we plan to purchase, inspecting all major interior and exterior components and systems.  He provided us with a detailed report in which he laid out all defects, great and small.    
Our inspection was scheduled to begin at 6:15 pm.  I intended to be present at the beginning and end of the inspection to meet Mr. Funderburk and (at the end) get an overview of his findings.  Mr. Funderburk arrived promptly at 6:15 and thoroughly explained what how and what he was going to inspect and, just as importantly, the limits of a home inspection.  I had intended to be present only at the very beginning in order to meet Mr. Funderburk and again at the end to get an overview of his findings in advance of his written report, leaving him alone to do his job.  It turned out that I stayed for a while to discuss some matters with my realtor.  As he would complete an area or system, Mr. Funderburk reported to me major findings, showing me the conditions first hand.  Just as it was time for him to go under the house, a torrential thunderstorm hit full force. Undaunted, he completed his inspection.

This will be, God willing, our fourth house purchase.  With other inspectors (all of whom were fine inspectors--no complaints about their work) I received an 8 to 10 page report.  Within 24 hours of this inspection, Mr. Funderburk provided us with a detailed 47 page inspection report complete with photographs illustrating significant findings.  With observations ranging from the major (e.g., a rotting floor) to the miniscule (e.g., a poorly adjusted strike plate on a bedroom door), the report reflected the thoroughness of Mr. Funderburk's work.  Throughout the entire experience, from the phone call in advance of the inspection to the final report, Mr. Funderburk exhibited the utmost courtesy and professionalism.  This is a model company.  If I am in need of another inspection in this area, I will never consider using anyone else.

M. Lattimore, client

Alpha & Omega performed a home inspection on a newly built home. Since this was a new build (which was already completed when I started the process) and the place looked to be in good shape to the naked/novice eye, I almost didn't go thought with a home inspection. I finally decided to use Alpha and Omega and boy did I make the right decision. I walked through the property on my own and didn't find too many issues but when I brought in A&O in they found all of the issues I missed and would have missed with several more walk-throughs on my own.

I can safely save that they saved me thousands of dollars. As a matter of fact, A&O pointed out issues with my furnace that wouldn't have surfaced until months later when I would have fired up the heating system.

Joe did an amazing job, he explained things at a detailed level, took the time to show and explain all issues and documented all issues to forward to my builder. Joe was pleasant to work with and was extremely professional.

Believe me when I say, You won't be sorry!!!!!! and this will be the best few hundred bucks you can spend on such a huge investment. In addition, Joe will tell you where to seek advise for items that require necessary follow up. For example, he pointed out a repair that was completed in the attic and advised that I get a letter from the builder stating that the repair was within code and signed off. I never would have noticed that, nor would have asked for the letter, thus saving me money down the road (in case the next buyer questioned the repair)

Thanks Joe

K. Cohen, client (August, 2011)

We hired Joe Funderburk for a home inspection for a home we were going to purchase. The home had been remodeled on the inside, and looked great for all intensive purposes. However, due to Joe's thorough inspection, MANY issues were revealed in the crawl space that the seller had either failed to repair, or chose not to repair. Thanks to Joe Funderburk from Alpha and Omega Home Inspections, we were saved from buying a home with WAY more problems that we had realized. We almost bought a home that would have been a disaster to repair and we were able to walk away with just the cost of the inspection. We will be using Joe when we find the next home we decide to buy.
Joe saved us from buying a lemon home. He did a fantastic job. He found all the little things the sellers had tried to conceal.

S Michaels, client (May., 2011)

Mr. Funderburk did a complete inspection of our house and the detached garage and loft.
He arrived on time, was very professional in discussing what he was going to do. We learned what to expect and how to use his findings. He spent more than 3 hours inspecting every part of our house -inside and out. From the roof to the basement, he took pictures and recorded what he found. Before he left he briefly discussed some the more crucial aspects of his inspection and told us he would have a large written compilation of what he found which he would email to us. I really like how thorough he was and how knowledgeable he was.

J. Cline, client (Feb., 2011)

The Home Inspection performed by Joe was very comprehensive and thorough!  Very objective, and numerous backup details and pictures were provided!  A+

S Michaels, client (July., 2011)

Joe called the night before to confirm the inspection. He spent lots of time on the inspection, it was so thorough and compete! We talked through and had a pre-inspection conversation, he didn't try to upsell, he treated me very professionally. His prepared me for what would be in report, including pointing out what really needed our attention and what would be good to know about as we live in the home. The final thing is that they are really thorough and good communicators. The report has a summary and a full report. It was emailed to me within 24 hours!! A terrific choice for your inspection.

C Elberson, client (June., 2011)

Joe did a very thorough home inspection of a new construction that my husband and I are about to buy.

We have bought and sold homes 5 times now and this home inspection with Joe was the most thorough, professional, detailed inspection we have ever had. He took his time, never hurried, and was meticulous throughout. We also scheduled the inspection at the last minute and he was more than accommodating. The amount of $ spent on his services more than paid for itself in all the repairs that he caught. We will definitely use him for the re-inspection and in the future. Loved him and you will, too!

Nancy V., Charlotte client (July, 2010)

The inspector/owner, Joe Funderburk, performed a very thorough and detailed physical inspection of the house under consideration, from the crawl space to the attic and roof, and all systems in between. He is very knowledgeable about construction methods and pointed out both major and minor issues with the house. Joe is very responsive and answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly, during and after the inspection. The written report was very well documented including pertinent photographs of the problem areas. Joe was very professional in all my dealings with him. This is actually the third time I have engaged his services, and I would not hesitate to use him again.

Mr. Osterman., SC client (August, 2010)

We needed a complete home inspection on a townhome built in 1980. This is a home we are purchasing to "flip" so it was important we make sure there are no surprises before we close and so we can have an accurate estimate of repairs needed.
Mr. Funderburk was prompt and professional from start to finish. He explained his process thoroughly when we met to do the inspection, and he gave us good feedback on areas that would be key to repair. He provided an incredibly detailed inspection report covering every aspect of the home including over 100 pictures from areas including of foundation and attics we had not even looked at. Report was sent to us online in less than 24 hours. Top notch.

A. Miller, client

Joe performed TWO house inspections for me... complete whole house inspections.
Hired Joe through friend's recommendation and he inspected the first house for me which revealed a rewiring job performed by the seller himself that proved to be a huge fire hazard that the seller refused to do anything about. Needless to say i didn't buy that one. He basically saved my behind on the first house... the best 500 bucks i ever spent. Because he did such a thorough and wonderful job on the first house, I hired him for the second house and he again performed his job perfectly. I am super-satisfied with his work and prompt completion of the reports. I would recommend him to anyone seeking the most thorough house inspection you can buy. He is very detail-oriented and leaves nothing untested. you will not be sorry! thank you Joe!!

L. Burch, client

"Our children have been working with a company in the purchase of their first home and after visiting the property, my husband and I requested that a safety issue be corrected even though they assured us that it met "code". After contacting the local county inspector who discouraged us from getting an independent home inspection, we decided that (for the safety of our grandchild and our children's biggest investment) an independent home inspection was in deed needed on this new construction. We contacted Mr. Joe Funderburk of Alpha and Omega Home Inspections and just from his credentials and belief that "a wise man builds his house upon the rock" Matt. 7:24, we new that this was a wise expense on our part. We contacted Mr. Funderburk who explained the process and expectations in detail. He also coordinated everything with the builder in accessing the property. Mr. Funderburk completed the inspection and had a report in our possession within 48 hours of our initial contact. If you want a peace of mind and the work of a true professional, then don't hesitate to contact Alpha and Omega for all of your home inspection needs. Thanks to Mr. Funderburk, our children's "walk thru" will be more than a check on minor paint and scratches as they will have a "34 page" comprehensive and professional report to help them hold the builder accountable for constructing a house that will be safe and habitable for years to come.

The process was very simple and easy. Nothing unpredictable as Mr. Funderburk was open and honest about his home inspections, timelines and cost. He is the ultimate professional and I would not hesitate to call on him for future home inspections. I promise you that a satisfied customer is better than a "billboard" and Mr. Funderburk can be assured that I will not hesitate to let others know of our experience and I have just begun to share this positive experience with individuals residing in both South and North Carolina."

Debra Moses, client

"Joe Funderburk was contacted to inspect a screened porch that was recently added to our home. He was extremely professional and took a very long time to look over the entire screen porch. He was certainly not rushed and he was helpful in pointing out numerous problems, as I had excepted there would be. Within 48 hours Joe e-mailed me a very thorough report as well as photos to show visually show the problem areas. I was then able to forward the report from his website to the original contractor. By hiring Joe I was able to with hold final payment to the contractor until he agreed to complete all problems listed in Joe's report. This has saved me from making final payment to a lousy contractor.
My overall experience was wonderful. It's nice to see that some people still take pride in their work. I would recommend Joe without any hesitation and I will certainly hire Joe again when we move and need a full home inspection."

Julia Alessandrini, client

Joe Funderburk was a pleasure to work with. He was prompt and courteous. He was very descriptive in his explanations while inspecting. He was extremely thorough and found several major items missed during the seller's home inspection. Joe was extremely knowledgeable and provided several tips for homeownership which I appreciated. The inspection was completed at 5pm and we quickly had the report by 8:30am the following morning. However, the inspection report was not rushed but was extremely detailed and helpful. The information was clearly organized with repair recommendations and pictures. The amount charged was very reasonable for the service he provided. We would highly recommend Joe Funderburk with Alpha & Omega Home Inspections to anyone purchasing a home.

Crystal Panico, client

I had a detailed home inspection performed on a 55 year old house in Spartanburg, SC. This included a detailed inspection of the exterior, interior and crawl spaces.

I am very happy with the service I received. I was scheduled promptly and the job was done professionally and I received a detailed report with photographs the very next day. I believe that the job was very thorough and the information provided was useful and valuable. The service provided was definitely worth the money spent. I would not hesitate to recommend Alpha & Omega Home Inspections again for a comprehensive home inspection job. This is a really good professional and valuable contractor.

Clanford Johnson, client

"I contacted Alpha & Omega for a home inspection as we approached our 12 month warranty end period. It was a last minute thing, and I was so glad that someone answered the phone at 7:30 pm and could fit us in a couple of days. Joe came out and spent about 3.5 hours inspecting the home inside and outside. He went though all of the important items with me when he was done and emailed the report (complete with photos of the areas that needed attention) later that same evening! That was great because I could just forward the summary report by email to the builder.

The inspection went very well. Joe picked up a bunch of structural and safety issues that should not have been present in a newly constructed home. One particular issue with the front entry roof placement would have affected the sales price of the house so that alone was well worth the cost. Electrical, fire and safety hazards were also prominent in the inspection - these drew the immediate attention of the builder, who arranged for them to be fixed before the other repairs. Emailing both the full and summary reports that same evening was great - it helped speed up the builders response time and we managed to arrange the final walk through that same week. Great job!"

Vitali Panov, client

"[This was] a re-inspection of a property I have put an offer on. The house was pre-inspected and any issues were corrected; Mr. Funderburk put the house under a fine lens and came up with multiple issues that needed further correction from a safety stand point.

An excellent job overall! I was not able to be at the inspection, but the report that I received from Mr. Funderburk is thorough and complete. He found a few issues that had not been spotted previously. I would use him again, without a doubt!"

Stephen Guice, client

"Joe inspected the 20 yr. old 2 story house we are purchasing. Joe called prior to our appt. to let me know he was going to be late by 11/2 hrs. He was very apologetic and offered to take off $40 from my bill. I appreciated the courtesy call so then I was able to use my waiting time productively. Joe got to the house right at the time he said he was coming & started work right away. Joe was thorough & after he was done in one area he calls me to point out concerns &/or explain how a particular feature/ part of that house works. I was welcome to tag along but I only did it part of the time & I chose to reserve my questions for when he was done in an area so as not to distract him. It took him 4 hours to do the inspections. He wasn't able to check the secondary attic because it was not accessible at the time. He took a lot of pictures and dictated notes in his tape recorder. His report was detailed in narrative form & was sent out via email within 24 hrs.
Everything went well even with the change in our appt. time. Joe was very professional and very polite & kind. After I received his report I called him up for questions/clarifications, and Joe was very accommodating. Several days later, the sellers of the house came back with a good response to our requests for repairs. However, they had some questions about the inspection report. I requested Joe to give a written response as I know he would be able to explain better than I could. He obliged promptly, but much to my surprise because he was still on vacation at that time. That, to me, is going above and beyond the call of duty!"

Marcela Adams, client

"Thank you for such a thorough inspection and report.  I have just spoken with (my Realtor), and based on your excellent assessment of the condition of the home, I feel we are now able to get some major issues addressed. It was a pleasure to meet you, and I will definitely fill out the survey and return it to you soon.  I would not hesitate to heartily refer you to anyone I know who is in the market for a home and wants to make sure they know each and every issue about it.  You have provided absolutely the best home inspection and reporting I have ever seen.

Thank you again, Joe, and I wish you the best always.

Best regards,"

Patti Szeglowski, Client

"Thank you so much for your unparalled attention to detail. We knew you came highly recommended, and I am glad you were able to inspect our new home. I will surely recommend you to anyone that I come across looking to purchase a new home in the Charlotte market, and I wish you the best in the meantime. I deal with a lot of builders in my business, and I honestly feel from seeing the inspection reports you have done for a few friends of mine, and the level of professionalism you have shown us is something to be proud of; in other words, this is what sets you apart from your competition. If you ever need a reference for a potential client, please don't hesitate to send them our way."

Rich Watson, Client

"Thank you for sending the inspection report back so promptly.  I'm very satisfied with your work and the reports couldn't be any better.  They are precise and the pictures are great. This will help my builder know exactly what needs to be done.   I will recommend you to anyone I know who will be needing a home inspection."

Tonya Huffman, Client

"We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the time and consideration you gave to our home inspection.  We truly appreciate all of the education you provided us with and the time you took to answer our questions and concerns.  If you are ever in need of a reference or testimony from us regarding your professionalism and the exemplary level of service you provided us, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Thank you again and God Bless.

Brodrick & Leah Mungo, Clients

"As property managers, your service is most valuable to us.  Your work of excellence is a great example.  Very thorough and detailed and professional.  I look forward to calling you in the future with our next property."

Scott and Renee Stohlquist, Clients

"I have nothing but POSITIVE things to say about Alpha & Omega Home Inspections and the Funderburks.  They are readily available (especially in a time pinch), and Joe is extremely thorough in his inspections.  He is a knowledgeable and helpful professional who is committed to exceeding expectations and doing the best job possible for both clients and realtors.  Alpha & Omega has been extremely accommodating and easy to work with, and I will continue to recommend that you take advantage of the many services they offer."

Megan Brown, Realtor
Prudential Carolinas - Rock Hill, SC

“...You and your wife understand the importance of CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!  You will do well in this business.  All it will take is having someone try you once and they will be hooked--like me!   Thanks so much!”   

Patti Henderson, Realtor
ERA Wilder Realty - Rock Hill, SC

“Joe, thank you so much for your detailed work.  I am so glad I 'found' you--I have been so pleased with your work!!!”   

Joy Jarrett, Realtor
Century 21- Fort Mill, SC

“Thank you, Joe.  I really appreciate the time you take to do a thorough, well-documented job.  It is very comforting knowing that I can trust you to inform me of issues needing attention.  As always, it's a pleasure doing business with you.  May God bless you and your family."

Teresa Hosseini, Broker-in-Charge, Heart Realty

“Thank you so much for your compassion and caring in the inspection work done for this client. We both appreciate your expertise and good work. I will happily refer you to other buyers, sellers and Realtors.

Kay Grigsby, The Allen Tate Company, Lake Wylie, SC

"Thanks again. Remind me to schedule you in 10 years to find what I've forgotten to keep maintained !!"

Bernie Bergen, Client

"Thank you so much for doing inspection for our house. You did an excellent job.  My husband and I were very impressed with the work that you did and that you spent so much time doing it. You will be very high recommended."

Teresa Wostkiewicz, Client

First of all, we want to thank you for your promptness in getting the inspection report to us on the house and the previous house we were anticipating on purchasing.  Your professionalism and thoroughness has absolutely amazed us.  Your reports are concise and easy to read and it has made it easier on us to understand what needs to be repaired or looked at and evaluated.  If we should ever need any further inspections you will be the one we call and we will recommend you to anybody that asks.  You exceeded our expectations and more.  Thank you again. 

Thanks for all of your help.  We are deeply appreciative.

Roy & Robin Rhine, Client

"Great job!  Thanks for all of the maintenance & homeowner tips."

Chris & Jeni Woods, Clients

"Thank you for a very thorough report.  I like it!"

Art Balogama, Client

"The report format was great.  The pictures were very helpful seeing as how I was out of town for the inspection and was not able to see for myself.  I was pleased with the inspection, and the report was returned in a timely fashion."

Alexis Walker
, Client

"Thank you for the quick turnaround on the report.  We greatly appreciate your very comprehensive work and we are glad to recommend your services to others."


Dr. Deana Morrow, Client

"Mr. Funderburk;
Thank you very much for the report.  This is the first time I have availed myself of the services of a home inspector, and I must say that I found the experience to be very enlightening.  I think that the service you provide is well worth the expenditure of time and fiscal resources in view of the stakes involved.

Best Regards;

Terry McKinney
, Client

Thanks again Joe.  Your help and effort is greatly appreciated.  I will be sure to use you the next time I need any type of home inspection.

Tony Miller
, Client / Structural Engineer



See www.Angieslist.com for more testimonials.


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