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Permit Requirements


Note: These requirements are independent of licensing requirements.



1.1.   Construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, movement, demolition, or change to the occupancy of a any one or two-family dwelling or townhome. *

1.2.   Erection, installation, enlargement, alteration, repair, removal, conversion, or replacement of any electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system, or to cause any such work to be done. *

1.3.   Retaining walls *

1.3.1.      All walls greater than 4 in height measured from the bottom of the footing to the top of the wall

1.3.2.      Walls of any height supporting a surcharge. Examples of a surcharge include: retained soil greater than 1 to 3. walls, fences, garages, buildings, patios, pools, driveways, etc. supported by the retained soil. structure foundations supported by the retained soil

Note: Permit required for walls of any height supporting surcharges, such as below.




2.1.   General Building Exceptions

2.1.1.      Fences not exceeding 6 in height.

2.1.2.      Retaining walls less than 4 in height (see retaining wall section for exceptions).

2.1.3.      One-story detached structures such as tool and storage sheds, playhouses, and similar uses provided the floor area does not exceed 200 square feet without electrical or plumbing service. (Zoning compliance is required.)

2.1.4.      Sidewalks, driveways and patios.

2.1.5.      Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops, and similar cosmetic finish work.

2.1.6.      Pre-fabricated swimming pools < 24 deep.

2.1.7.      Swings and other playground equipment.

2.1.8.      Window awnings supported by an exterior wall and do not project more than 54 from the wall and do not require exterior support.

2.1.9.      Decks that meet all of the following requirements:      Not greater than 200 SF      Not more than 30 above grade at any point      Not attached to the dwelling.

2.2.   Electrical Exceptions

2.2.1.      Installation of cord & plug connected decorative lighting.

2.2.2.      Replacement of breakers or fuses in the same box in the same location of the same size.

2.2.3.      Installation of low voltage (less than 25 volts) wiring or devices.

2.2.4.      Minor repair work, including the replacement of lamps.

2.3.   Gas Exceptions

2.3.1.      Installation of heating, cooking, or clothes drying appliances.

2.3.2.      Replacement of any minor part that does not alter the approval of the equipment or make it unsafe.

2.4.   Mechanical Exceptions

2.4.1.      Installation of portable or window HVAC systems.

2.4.2.      Replacement of any minor part that does not alter the approval of the equipment or make it unsafe.

2.4.3.      Installation of self-contained refrigeration systems containing < 10 lbs of refrigerant.

2.5.   Plumbing Exceptions

2.5.1.      The stopping of leaks in drains, water, soil, waste, or vent pipes only.

2.5.2.      The clearing of stoppages or the repairing of leaks in pipes, valves, or fixtures.

2.5.3.      The removal and/or re-installation of toilets only.

2.6.   Emergency Work Exceptions

2.6.1.      Where equipment replacement and repairs must be performed in an emergency situation, the permit shall be applied for on the next business day.

2.7.   Repair Exceptions

2.7.1.      Ordinary repair that does not include:       The cutting away of any wall.       The removal or cutting of any structural beam, floor joist, pier, or any other load bearing support.       The removal or change of any means of egress (exterior door) or rearrangement of any interior structure affecting egress.


2.7.2.      Plumbing repair that does not  include:       Addition to, relocation of, or alteration of water supply, drain, vent, or waste pipes.

2.7.3.      Electrical repair that does not include:       Addition to, relocation of, or alteration of electric wiring, fixtures, or outlets.


* Source: 2009 International Residential Code R105


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